Sunday, 30 April 2017

Toilet paper......YOU HEARD ME!

Well, the last of the company has left....all the little turkeys have left!
  The house feels very empty right now but, in a good way too.
 Today is a focus on the blog and other social media day!
I've been concentrating on you tube videos as of late and completely neglecting my blog and facebook. Let's face it...I'm not a very computery person.
This week I want to concentrate on.....TOILET PAPER ROLLS.
"Really?" you say
yes, really.
I made the most lovely little gift for my mother for Easter and she loved it so much I thought I'd do a running with it.
Here are some pics of the one I made for her..I was thinking a challenge may be in order

 ...For the month of May, I would like you to come up with a cute toilet paper roll album or card.  There is a video on this blog with instructions to make this very one. I would like YOU to post pics of your finished tp roll projects on this blog in the comments and on my facebook page! What fun!

So get out your lace, pics and paint
and doodahs...and tp rolls!
I want to see what you come up with and here's one rule.....


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